The Dark restarter - book two in the restarter series


Six weeks have passed since Hal and Kara’s long weekend retreat at Fir Lodge, and they now find themselves residing in a brand-new timeline, with no memory of the temporal prison from which they fought so hard to escape, nor the threat they left behind.

But when one of their friends is erased from existence, echoes of forgotten memories begin to trickle back into their consciousness.

As the world around them begins to unravel, Hal and Kara discover they have empowered a killer with the abilities of a Restarter; one not bound by the confines of a conscience, operating on a plane of existence they have no way of accessing.

With the past corrupted, present erased, and their future in flux, the former Restarters must forge an unlikely alliance with another time traveller.

A man claiming to be from the very future they are trying to save, who believes he possesses the key to defeating this Dark Restarter.

A man who calls himself…Malcolm.

Only one thing is certain…Everything is about to change.